Thursday, January 18, 2018

Due to extremely cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions in some parts of the county, Knox County Schools will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018. Per our contract with Knox County Schools, SHADES will also be closed.  We sure hope we will see everyone on Friday.  We are ready to get back to school!
Posted: January 17, 2018

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Due to continued accumulation and freezing temperatures creating hazardous road conditions, Knox County Schools and Central Office will be closed on Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018. Per our contract with Knox County Schools, SHADES will also be closed.  Please stay warm and safe.  We look forward to seeing you when the weather allows.
Posted: January 16, 2018

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Based on the weather forecast calling for accumulating snow and decreasing temperatures, and the potential for difficult driving conditions, Knox County Schools and Central Office will be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018.  Per our contract with Knox County Schools, SHADES of Development will also be closed.  Please stay safe.  Those of you recovering from illness, we hope you feel better soon.  We look forward to seeing you as soon as the weather allows.  
Posted: January 15, 2018

January 8, 2018 Update

Knox County Schools just posted:  With the weather forecast calling for hazardous conditions, Knox County Schools will close on Monday January 8th.  SHADES follows the KCS inclement weather schedule and will also be closed January 8th.  Please have a safe and warm day.  We hope to see you tomorrow as the weather warms and conditions improve. 
Posted: January 08, 2018

Monday, January 8, 2018 In-service Day Update

Please remember that SHADES of Development follows the Knox County Schools inclement weather schedule.  Knox County Schools has announced that the teacher in-service will start at 10:00am.  As a result, SHADES will also open at 10:00am.  Please have a warm and safe morning and we look forward to seeing you at 10:00am.  
Posted: January 07, 2018

Election Day/In-Service Day

November 7th is Election Day and a School In-service Day.  SHADES will be open from 7:00am to 5:00pm at our Sam E. Hill and from 7:00am - 6:00pm at Brickey, New Hopewell and Karns locations.  Please be sure to complete the In-service day attendance survey by Novemeber 1st to reserve your child's space to attend that day.  You must complete this survey in order for your child to have a space reserved.  If your child is typically schedule to attend on Tuesdays, there is no additional charge for the full-day service.  If your child is not a Tuesday attendee, drop-in rates apply.
Posted: October 27, 2017

Solar Eclipse - August 21st

SHADES will be open on from 7:00am to 6:00pm at our Karns and Brickey locations.  You must already be registered to attend SHADES that week and you must reserve your child's space in order to attend.  Please click here to reserve your chil's space.  
Posted: August 15, 2017

Now Hiring

Interested in applying?  Send a resume and letter of intent to employment@shadesofdevelopment.org
Posted: July 26, 2017

The Grunch Play Presentation

Make your plans now to attend the SHADES presentation of exerpts from The Grunch. Inspired by “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, The Grunch tells the story of Rudy Grunch, a grumpy 6th grader who always feels like an outsider. When the entire school gets excited about the annual school musical, he comes up with a perfect plan to ruin it for everyone; he’ll steal the sets, costumes and lights the night before it opens. But will the spirit of theatre prevail?   Showtimes:  July 21st at 5:00PM at Powell, Karns and New Hopewell

This presentation is student lead, with set design, staging, costumes, sound, lights and acting planned, prepared and presented by the students!
Posted: July 11, 2017

Register Now for Summer

To pre-register for one of our summer locations click the "Enrollment Tab" and then click "Summer".  Our summer locations include Powell, Karns and New Hopewell.
Posted: May 04, 2017

Intent to Apply

SHADES of Development is giving public notice of our intent to apply for State and/or Federal funds through the 2017-18 21st Century/LEAPS Grant competition closing on March 31st. The funds will be used to provide academic support and enrichment programs to schools in our service area that meet the at-risk qualifying factors outlined by the grant. Parties interested in partnering in this endeavor to assist children in meeting academic, social and emotional goals through this program should contact our Central Office. After submission the application will be available at our Central Office location upon request.

Posted: March 17, 2017

Register for Summer Now!

Summer enrollment at Powell, Karns and New Hopewell Elementary Schools is now open.  Click the enrollment tab for a full list of summer camps available this summer.  Need flexibility?  Register for just one week or all ten.
Posted: March 01, 2017

Closed for Illness

Knox County Schools has closed school on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 7 & 8, 2017.  This decision was made to help recover the health of the many students and teachers that are ill.  Unfortunately, SHADES of Development will also be closed as the school is scheduled to be deep cleaned and sanitized during this two day period.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support in helping our schools combat this terrible germ season.
Posted: February 06, 2017

Mid-Winter Break

Happy Holidays!  During the mid-winter school break SHADES will be closed from December 23rd - January 2nd.  SHADES will be open from 7:00-am to 6:00pm January 3rd - 6th at New Hopewell, Powell and Karns.  School resumes on January 9th.
Posted: December 09, 2016

Celebrating Lights on Afterschool

Hundreds of children, parents, business and community leaders will come together for Lights On Afterschool rallies across our nation to celebrate the achievements of afterschool students and draw attention to the need for more afterschool programs to serve the millions of children nationwide who are unsupervised and at risk each weekday afternoon. To view interview visit http://wate.com/2016/10/18/knoxville-afterschool-programs-celebrate-lights-on-afterschool/ 
Posted: October 20, 2016

2016-2017 Fall Enrollment

Contact one of our seven afterschool locations today to inquire about our afterschool programs.  You may pre-register online; however spaces are limited.  Your child will not be enrolled until a SHADES staff member has contacted you confirming availability, reviewing paperwork, orientation and fee requirements.  Orientation, paperwork and fees must be completed and submitted to SHADES at least 48 hours prior to your child's start date.  We look forward to serving you this school-year.
Posted: August 06, 2016

Fall Enrollment

Knox county Schools start August 8th!  Let SHADES help you relieve your afterschool stress by enrolling today in the SHADES Afterschool program.  Complete registration, paperwork and fees by Wednesday, August 3rd and your child will be ready to go to SHADES on August 8th.  Click the Enrollment tab for all your inroment information needs.  
Posted: August 02, 2016

Enroll for summer now.  Click the enrollment tab and select summer to learn more.  Fieldtrips can be found under the "About Us" tab on the curriculum calendar.
Posted: May 14, 2016

Summer Camp

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.  SHADES has a summer lineup that is sure to make memories!  Just click on the enrollment tab and then summer to learn more, or contact any of our site location.  We hope to see you this summer.
Posted: March 22, 2016

Due to the Knox County School's in-service and Central Office closure tomorrow, Monday, February 15, 2016, SHADES of Development will be closed.  Please have a safe and warm day!  We will hopefully see you on Tuesday.
Posted: February 14, 2016

Knox County Schools Closed

Knox County Schools will be closed on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 due to inclement weather forecast.  Please remember that SHADES of Development is closed when Knox County Schools is closed.  Have a safe day!
Posted: January 19, 2016

We are a non-profit organization.  Strengthening our community by providing safe and engaging places for kids during out of school time is our cause.  With support from people like you, we provide scholarships based on financial needs to ensure everyone has equal access to our programs.  We also provide Adventure Learning opportunities that help children find and develop their interests in a framework that points children toward college and career readiness.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift is tax-deductible.

Your contributions are welcome throughout the year.  Any size donation is appreciated and put to use supporting the development and education of our community’s children. Your generous support keeps the SHADES of Development programs available for those who need us most.
Posted: November 23, 2015

Lights On Afterschool

We’re gearing up for Lights On Afterschool at SHADES of Development!  Afterschool programs keep kids safe, inspire them to learn and help working families—and Lights On Afterschool shines a national spotlight on afterschool program impacts!  SHADES of Development Afterschool Programs have the following events scheduled to highlight is happening in afterschool programs in Knoxville.  Come join the fun!
October 22, 2015 –Lights On @ Spooky Science Night from 5:30-7:00 in partnership with Karns Elementary School.  The event will feature science experiment and activities including Boo Bubbles.

October 22, 2015 – Lights On Amazing Art! from 5:00-6:00pm at Brickey and New Hopewell Elementary Schools.  The event will be a an art gallery style meet and greet featuring the artwork and inventions of the children in the afterschool program.  Light refreshments will be served.

October 22, 2015 – Lights On Harvest Carnival from 5:00-6:00 at Mount olive Elementary.  The event will feature a costume parade, crafts and activities for elementary age children.

October 30, 2015 – Fall Harvest Festival from 6:00-7:30pm in partnership with the Fair Garden Family and Community Center.  The event will feature booths set up throughout the school with a chance to win candy and prizes, including a dunking booth with a chance to dunk Ms. Watkins the school principal.Children, parents, and staff are encouraged to dressed as their favorite storybook character.

October 30, 2015 – Lights On Trunk or Treat in collaboration with Powell Elementary from 5-7pm. 

October 30th, 2015 – Lights On Hip Hop into Fall from 3-5pm at Sam E. Hill Family and Community Center.  The event will feature an adult/child interactive Hip Hop class from 3-4, apple painting, edible jewelry making, and pumpkin bowling from 4-5.
Posted: October 22, 2015

Fair Garden Lead PreK Teacher

SHADES is looking for a nurturing and enthusiastic part-time PreK Teacher for our Fair Garden Kindergarten Readiness Extended Day PreK Program.  The hours are from 12:30-5:00pm Monday - Friday.  E-mail Stacey@SHADESofDevelopment.org to apply.
Posted: August 31, 2015

Welcome New Hopewell

Welcome New Hopewell Families!  We are super excited to get to know you and your community this school year.  If you are interested in registering for the SHADES of Development - New Hopewell program, please click the enrollment tab to pre-register.  Registration paperwork is almost ready and will be added shortly to the website.
Posted: July 08, 2015

Journey of the Noble Gnarble

Please join us on June 12, 2015 at 5:00pm for the SHADES Center Stage and Behind the Scenes Theater Camp performance of "The Journey of the Noble Gnarble".  Performances will be held at the Powell Elementary School and the Karns Elementary School gymnasium.  We hope to see you there!
Posted: June 08, 2015

Breaking New - Summer Drop-In Service at SHADES

SHADES Specialty Camps are offering a limited number of drop-in services this summer.   Whether your child just wants to get out of the house one day, or whether you need care two or three days per week the SHADES Drop-in service is there for you.  There is a one-time $25.00 registration fee.  Drop-in care is $30.00 per day.  Call Karns at 690-0906 or Powell at 947-1804 to register.
Posted: May 18, 2015

Destress TCAPS with Notes of Encouragement

TCAPS are just around the corner.  The kids and staff have worked all year to prepare.  All that is left for us to do is work to reduce our child’s stress.  We can start by reminding our kids of some smart test taking techniques and giving them lots of encouragement.  Check out these lunchbox notes of encouragement that will let your children know you believe in them. Click the link for printable note templates.
Posted: April 22, 2015

TCAP Preparation

With Spring in Tennessee also comes TCAP Testing.  The testing window is April 27-May 8, 2015.  You can start now helping your child prepare for TCAPS.  Help your child develop a good routine that includes adequate sleep and a good breakfast.  Review your child's work each week and used missed answers as a teacing opprotunity to ensure understanding.  Visit the TN State Website to access sample TCAP test.  Teach your child test taking strategies  
Posted: March 24, 2015

Snow Day Ideas to Keep Kids Thinking and Moving

Do you need more ideas to keep your kids occupied during this wintery weather.  Check out the ideas below.  If you like these, remember that your kids can expereince all of the excitement of SHADES of Development during our summer camp.  Click the Enrollment Tab and then the Summer Tab for our full summer lineup.
Snow Day Ideas
Summer Camp

Posted: February 25, 2015

Inclement Weather

Please remember that if Knox County Schools closes for inclement weather, SHADES is also required to close.  Knox County Schools has canceled the teacher in-service day on Monday, February 16, 2015 due to the prediction of impending winter weather.  This means that SHADES will also be closed.  The decision was made with the safety of children, parents and staff in mind.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
Posted: February 16, 2015

Summer Registration

It is that time!  Time to start thinking about what your child will be doing this summer.  The SHADES Summer Camp lineup is ready and registration has begun.  Click on the enrollment tab and then click on summer to see the excitement we have in store this summer.  Camp will be offered at our Powell and Karns locations.  Spaces are limited so secure your child's space today!
Posted: February 05, 2015

New Beginnings - Setting Goals with Children

The New Year is a great time to talk with your child about his/her dreams and aspirations.  With the increasing demands children face in and out of school, figuring out how to accomplish those dreams can be challenging.  Learning to set goals, develop a plan and monitor progress is a skill your child will need throughout their life. 

Start the “goal setting” conversation:
To start a goal setting conversation use examples of things your child has already achieved.  For example if your child has saved money to buy a video game, talk about what step he had to take to meet that goal.  Then talk about how those steps can be used to meet other goals. 

Help your child set specific goals by using information your child has shared with you such as, “I really want to play basketball for our school team this year, or I feel like the teacher picks on me at school, I am really tired of getting in trouble.”

You might start by saying, “Hey, I have been thinking about what you said about making the school basketball team.  I was thinking that if that was really important to you, you know a goal that you would like to set for yourself, we could talk about how to work toward making that happen.”

Other goals to consider:
  • Increase physical activity and/or exercise.
  • Eat healthier foods
  • Bring a grade up at school
  • Read more pleasure books
  • Learn to play the guitar (instrument)
  • Spend less time on electronic devices
  • Spend more time outside
  • Learn to make knit a scarf
  • Saving money to buy a wanted item
  • Improving behavior at school
  • Giving back to the community through a church or community project
  • Maintaining personal hygiene
No matter what the goal, there has to be some key component in order for your child to reach the goals.
The child must want to achieve the goals!  No matter how much you want something for your child, it is not likely to happen unless your child wants it too.  Make sure that the goal has some intrinsic or extrinsic value to your child. 
  1. Make a plan that allows progress to be measured
  2. Help your child set reasonable goals that can be attained. 
  3. Review your child’s progress with him/her often.
  4. Be encouraging
A quick walk through the SMART Goal process
S – Specific
·          I want to read for pleasure more often
M – Measurable
·         I want to read at least two books for fun on my reading level
A – Attainable
·         I don’t choose to read for fun at all now, so I think reading two books is reasonable
R – Relevant
·         Reading will keep me from being bored, it will help me in school and it will make my mom happy
T – Time bound
·         I want to accomplish my goals by the end of the school year

Click to download a sample goal setting worksheet.
Posted: January 06, 2015

In Loving Memory of Nellie Dawkins

Nellie Dawkins began working with SHADES of Development in 1995.  She has served as the Bookkeeper, Preschool Director and Office Manager for SHADES for 18 years.  Nellie always gave her whole self to any job at hand.  She was passionate about children and would spend numerous hours during and after work researching and planning the perfect projects to make learning fun for even the most challenged child.  She believed that all children learned at their own pace in their own unique way. 

Her favorite poem was “Children Learn What They Live” by Dorothy Law Nolte. 

If children live with criticism,
They learn to condemn.
If children live with hostility,
They learn to fight.
If children live with ridicule,
They learn to be shy.
If children live with shame,
They learn to feel guilty.
If children live with encouragement,
They learn confidence.
If children live with tolerance,
They learn to be patient.
If children live with praise,
They learn to appreciate.
If children live with acceptance,
They learn to love.
If children live with approval,
They learn to like themselves.
If children live with honesty,
They learn truthfulness.
If children live with security,
They learn to have faith in themselves and others.
If children live with friendliness,
They learn the world is a nice place in which to live.
Nellie was a true gift to SHADES of Development.  We celebrate her memory:  October 26, 1938 – November 22, 2014
Posted: November 25, 2014

Inclement Weather

With the impending weather forecast for this winter, please note the SHADES inclement weather policy.  

If Knox County Schools closes for inclement weather, SHADES will also be closed. If school dismisses early and SHADES is not yet open for the day, your child will be sent home based on the inclement weather form you completed for the school.  If SHADES has already opened for the day and the weather turns dangerous, we will call someone to pick up your child.

Thank you for your help in keeping all of the kids and staff safe.

Posted: November 14, 2014

Hiring Lead and Assistant Teachers

Spread the word!  SHADES is now hiring Lead and Assistant Teachers for our afterschool programs.  Click the "About Us" tab for more information about careers and locations.  Call or e-mail Stacey at 865-938-9164 or Stacey@SHADESofDevelopment.org to apply.
Posted: August 12, 2014

SHADES Film and Theater Camp Production

SHADES of Development is proud to present "The Grunch" summer camp theater production.  Join SHADES of Development Film and Theater Camp at Brickey and Karns on July 18, 2014 at 5:00pm in the school gymnasium.  The campers have been working all week making backdrops, learning songs and rehearsing lines in preparation of this exciting production.  We hope to see you there!  
Posted: July 18, 2014

Fall Registration

SHADES of Development is now registering for the 2014-2015 school-year.  Please click the enrollment tab to view and print enrollment paperwork.  Please contact your site director to complete the registration process.  All site directors will be back at thier centers beginning July 28, 2014 except Karns.  William will be avaiable between July 17 and July 25th and again from July July 30th on.  Please click location for site contact information.
Posted: July 17, 2014

Moms Everyday - Travel Tips from SHADES of Development
Is your vacation coming up?  Click the picture to check out Kelli Parker and Sindy Dawkins-Schade on Moms Everyday as they discuss ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged during those long hours of travel.  For more ideas click the document link for a printable activities packet.
On the Road or In the Air Ideas Packet

Posted: June 23, 2014

Summer Camp

Check out our Summer Specialty Camps. Each week is full of excitement as kids work on projects and performances. Your kids can't help but have fun as they make life-long friends through teamwork, group challenges and content exploration. We have some great partners such as folks from the National Forensic Academy, Premier Gymnastics, Premier Martial Arts, the STEM Academy, Knox County School, Maryville Schools, UT and Pellissippi sharing information through on-site demonstrations, presentations and field trips.

May 27th - Super Heroes
June 2nd - All Ball Sports and Spirit
June 9th - Construction Camp
June 16 - Whodunit - CSI Camp
June 23rd - Movin' and Groovin' Fitness Camp
June 30 - Smart Art Camp
July 7th - SHADES' Chefs Cooking Camp
July 14th - Film and Theater Camp
July 21st - Cruise Ship Adventures Camp

Click the "Enrollment" tab to see a full description of camp programs. Pick just one week or come all nine. Each group will have a Lead Teacher and an Assistant Teacher. All Lead Teachers hold a bachelor's or master's degree in a child related field.
Posted: April 30, 2014

Intent to submit a grant application

SHADES of Development intends to submit a grant application in the April 21, 2014 21st Century and LEAPS Grant competition.  An application draft may be viewed at 6703 West Emory Road, Knoxville, TN 37931 between 10:00am and 6:00PM Monday - Friday beginning April 14, 2014 and concluding April 18, 2014.  Comments guiding the application are welcome.  
Posted: April 14, 2014

Moms Everyday - Spice Up Spring Break

Click to view segment
Spring Break is right around the corner.  Whether you are traveling or staying close to home, make your time memorable with your children by checking out some of these ideas.

At Home or Close to Home - 
  • Cook together – Let your child pick a recipe.  Go shopping together for the ingredients.  Teach your child about kitchen safety while you prepare food together.  This is great time to capture teachable moments about food handling, knife safety, heat source safety, as well as math fractions, units of measure and science principles such as states of matter and chemical reactions. Check out our Pinterest page for recipe ideas at http://www.pinterest.com/sindydawk/cooking-with-kids/
  •  Teach your child how to access, select and download ebooks from your public library.   The Knox County Library Website has a wide selection of books that your child can borrow for 7, 14 or 21 days in an ebook format for a Kindle and other electronic devices.  It simply takes a library card and a pin number to access books 24/7 that will keep your child reading.  You can access the link to the Knox County Library along with simple instruction on how to borrow and download books from the library at http://www.knoxlib.org/explore-collection/e-media.
  • For girls have a spa day at home.  Give each other pedicures, manicures and facials.  Give shoulder massages, style hair, dress up and take pictures.
  • Write letters and draw pictures for grandparents and other family members and friend that live far away.  Be sure to use those teachable moments to reinforce letter structure, punctuation, proof reading and how to address and mail a letter.
  •  Plant something – This is the time of year to start your garden plants from seeds.  Many herbs and vegetables geminate in as few as seven days.  With a little dirt a few seeds and some tender love and care, your starter plants you plant over Spring Break will be ready to plant in the ground in April.
On the Road or in the Air
Of course travel has been made much easier with the host of games and movies that can be carried with us these days on our tablets and electronic devices; however if you want to connect with your children a bit more while traveling, try some of these ideas.
  • If traveling by car play license plate scavenger hunt.  As a family, see how many different license plates you can find.  Take along a US map so your children can look up the states on the map.  Use this activity to reinforce geography, regions of the US, state capitals, national landmarks and history.
  • Play the alphabet game using billboards to search out the alphabet from A-Z.  Play cooperatively as a family or make it a competition.  Add a twist by deciding on a six to ten letter word.  Look for the letters in order on billboards and signs.  Write the word in which you found each letter. 
  • Teach your child a sing-a-long song from your childhood. 
  • Research your destination and make a scavenger hunt game based on your destination.  Look for landmarks, history, points of interest, characters of interest or interesting trivia.
  • Based on your child’s age, teach your child to play pen and paper games such as Sudoku, hangman, tic-tac-toe, dot and box and stop gate.  Check out some more unique pencil and paper games at http://www.papg.com/.
  •  Teach your child to make mandala drawings.  Make cooperative mandalas by giving each person a different color marker and a piece of paper.  Start a design and then swap papers.  Each person takes turns adding design elements to each mandala.
Printable version - Spice Up Spring Break
Posted: March 15, 2014

SHADES Extended Preschool Garden-to-Table Kickoff

Wednesday afternoon Mr. Doug Dawkins, the District 8 Vice President of the Tennessee Cattleman’s Association, paid a visit to the SHADES of Development Extended Day Preschool School programs at Fair Garden and Sam E Hill Family and Community Centers.  The SHADES of Development Extended Day Preschool Programs offer extended day services to children enrolled in the Knox County Schools Sam E. Hill and Fair Garden preschools.  The programs are designed to support families and children as the school, family and extended day program work together to prepare children for kindergarten.  Sindy Schade, from SHADES of Development stated, “The SHADES program believes in adventure learning, or capturing teachable moments by connecting real-life experiences and interactions to the cognitive, social, emotional and physical developmental goals for children.  Mr. Dawkins jumpstarted the children’s interest and curiosity about farming as his special guest Zoey the goat nuzzled and entertained the children.”  

The presentation celebrated the kickoff of the farm and gardening unit that the children will be studying throughout the spring. Part of the unit will include a garden to table project intended to focus on health and nutrition with an emphasis on teaching children and families about making healthy choices.  The children will work together to plant, care for and harvest a community garden.   In addition the children will learn about farm animals and many aspects of farming.   

Mr. Dawkins stated, “Seventy-five percent of today’s population is three generation removed from the farm.  As a result many children don’t know where their food comes from.   Just today a child stated that milk came from McDonalds.  Knowing where their food really comes from is important in helping them understand health, nutrition and making healthy choices.  The reality is without farms we would have not food.”  Mr. Dawkins owns and operates a cattle farm in Halls, TN.  He has a long history of supporting agricultural education with young people through hosting field trips on his farm, as well as, serving in a variety of volunteer roles with the UT Agricultural and Extension Agency, the Knox County Farmers Coop and the Knox County Farm Bureau.  

The SHADES of Development is a non-profit organization.  The organization provided over $200,000.00 in scholarships in 2013.  The SHADES Extended Preschool programs are funded in part by a 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant.  The organization receives additional funding from the Lottery for Education Afterschool Programs grant, private donations, fundraising and ability-to-pay tuition.
Posted: February 20, 2014

TCAP Prep Part 2 - Reading

Things parents should know about reading stamina and comprehension.

Click the picture to view the Moms Everyday Segment on TCAP Prep

The TCAP testing window for Knox County Schools is April 28 – May 9, 2014.  TCAPS are important tests because they are often used to determine initial placement in classes such as advanced math.  For third grade and up TCAP test results count 15% of each student’s second semester grade.  We should encourage our children to their best; however, we must also stress that standardized tests cannot and do not measure everything about the success of a child.  Earlier I discussed basic practice strategies, as well as, some websites that provide skill and test practice.  As children progress to new grades each year the importance of reading becomes apparent in all subject matter.  Today I would like to focus specifically on the importance of reading stamina and reading comprehension in preparation for the TCAP Assessment. 

What can you do?
  1. Help your child increase his/her reading stamina.  Reading passages on the TCAP tests are long and require stamina and perseverance to complete.  Many children become overwhelmed by the length of the passages they are required to read.  To help your child master these lengthy passages you should: a) Encourage your child to read longer and more challenging text over the next several weeks. b) Encourage younger child to listen to longer more challenging text.
  2. Help your child develop his/her reading comprehension.  Your child’s understanding of what he/she has read affects all subjects tested on the TCAP Assessment.  You can help your child develop his/her reading comprehension skills by asking guiding questions about predictions, connections, author’s purpose, questioning, summarizing and inferences.
  3. o   For older children, try a book club approach to reading with your child.  Read the same book either together or independently, so you can discuss the book with your child.
  4.  Help your child process what he/she reads by encouraging him/her to use six comprehension strategies. 
  •  Ask your child to predict what he/she thinks will happen next.
  • Ask your child how the story connects to what they know or events that have happened in his/her life.
  • Ask your child to think about the author’s purpose?  Is it to persuade, entertain or inform?
  • Ask your child to question as he/she reads.
·         What are you confused about? 
·         What do you wonder?
·         What does the author want you to know?
  • Ask your child to summarize the text in his/her own words by sharing the main ideas.
  • Ask your child to make inferences based on the clues given in the text.
Use a simplified version of the 6 strategies of reading comprehension to help younger children process and comprehend what they have heard. 

Remember that most of us play like we practice, so practice every day by reading with your child and using comprehension strategies to discuss books and stories.
Many of the Knox County Schools offer TCAP Prep Parent Education Classes.  Check your school’s website for parent engagement activities at your school. 

Helpful SAT10 and TCAP Prep websites:

K-2 sites
3rd and Up sites
www.tickettoread.com  (School purchased subscription program)
http://www.studyisland.com/(School purchased subscription program)
Posted: February 04, 2014

Knox County Schools Early Dismissal 1-28-14

Knox County Schools has announced that schools will dismiss early today, January 28, 2014, due to inclement weather.  PreK programs will be dismissed at 10:30am.  Elementary Schools will dismiss at 11:00am.  Please remember that when Knox County Schools dismisses early for inclement weather SHADES of Development is also required to close.  Knox County has made this decision in an effort to ensure that our children, families and staff are safe.  

Please make arrangements to have your child picked up at school right away.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during the hectic process of getting all of our children home safely during inclement weather!
Posted: January 28, 2014

Featured SHADES Staff Member

William Arnold
Site Director - Karns

William Arnold has been a SHADES team member since November of 2011, serving as the Director of the SHADES - Karns program.  William came to us from Nashville, Tennessee where he attended McGavock High School.  Upon graduation, he attended Trevecca University, where he earned a Bachelor's of Arts degree, majoring in Religion and minoring in Children's Ministry.  Upon graduation, William relocated to Knoxville with his lovely wife Kelsey.  The couple currently resides in Oak Ridge.

At SHADES, William is responsible for organizing, facilitating and guiding approximately 150 children and 15 staff members throughout the year.  William is superb in his role.  He is particularly skilled at communicating program information and events with the parents and families that participate in the SHADES-Karns program.  Numerous parents have contacted the SHADES Central Office to share how happy they are with the care and attention their children receive at SHADES-Karns under William's directorship.  We are proud to have William Arnold as part of the SHADES family!
Posted: January 26, 2014

Childhood Health and Fitness

Moms Everyday - Click the picture to watch the interview with Kelli Parker and Sindy Dawkins-Schade

As a new year begins many of us have made New Year’s resolutions related to our health and fitness.  With the childhood obesity problem we face in Tennessee, this is a great time to think about goal setting and new beginning with our children as well.  According to a recent report by the CDC our young people in Tennessee have the 4th highest childhood obesity rate in the nation.   New Year’s resolutions are about setting goals.  This is an ideal time to teach children about setting and achieving goals related to healthy habits.  Help your child develop and achieve health and fitness goals this year by using the following strategies.
Let them choose
·         Talk to your children about their dreams for themselves for the coming year. 
·         What activities would they like to do? 
·         What interests do they have? 
·         What changes would they like to see in their life from last year. 
Make sure goals are realistic and attainable
·         Try  one new fruit or vegetable per week
·         Replace one sugary drink per day with water
·         Reduce screen time by one hour per day
·         Be active 60 minutes a day – walk, run, hula hoop, jump rope
·         Learn a skill such as hip, hop, skating, soccer, tumbling or skating
Help your child develop a plan to meet his/her goals
·         Talk with your child about how you meet goals in your life
·         Make a schedule with your child that includes homework, exercise, physical activity and other extracurricular activities in his/her life
·         Teach your child how to track his/her progress by using charts and apps
Applaud Efforts
·         Recognize your child’s accomplishments – Use phrases like:
o   When you put your mind to something you really go after it!
o   I’m really impressed.  You chose to go outside and play rather than playing on your electronic tablet when you got home from school.
o   Wow, you have added two new healthy foods to your diet.
o   I noticed you drank three glasses of water today.  Way to make healthy choices.
Posted: January 20, 2014

January 6, 2014 - SHADES Closed

Knox County Schools has cancelled the in-service day on Monday, January 6, 2014.  All Knox County School buildings, Central Office and maintenence will be closed tomorrow.  As a result, SHADES of Development will be closed at all locations on Monday, January 6, 2014.  Please stay tuned to your local news for school closures for the remainder of the week.  Remember that if Knox County Schools are closed due to inclement weather, SHADES of Development will also be closed.
Posted: January 05, 2014

SHADES of Development was awarded the 2013 Knoxville News Sentinel's Readers' Choice Award! Thank you Knoxville!  It is a pleasure serving your children and families!
Posted: December 18, 2013

TCAPS - Things to Know and Tips for Success

Things to know about Tennessee Standardized Tests

The 2013-2014 TCAP testing window for Knox County is April 28 – May 9, 2014.  TCAP tests count as 15% of your child’s second semester grade.  Beginning the 2014-2015 school-year the standardized test used to assess English Language Arts (ELA) and Math in Tennessee will be the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness of College and Careers (PARCC) Assessment.  The PARCC Assessment is intended to be better aligned with the Common Core Standards.  With this new assessment will come a new electronic testing format and delivery method.  Children will need keyboarding skills and the ability to write descriptive, evidence-based  explanations to short answer essay questions.  Math assessments will require narrative explanations in addition to computation skills.

What can we do as parents to ensure that our children are prepared TCAP tests this year as well as preparing them for the PARCC Assessments beginning next year?
  •  Monitor your student’s performance on a weekly basis.  Students complete a TCAP practice assignment each week in English Language Arts.  Review your child’s performance on this practice assignment as well as all school work assignments.  Discuss student mistakes and missed questions to ensure your child’s understanding of the material.
  • Use the resources on your child’s school website to practice skills your child may be struggling with. 
  • Visit http://state.tn.us/education/assessment/ach_samplers.shtmlto download Item Samplers and Practice Tests.  Use these at home with your child from time to time to help you understand your child’s test taking strategies, strengths and fears.
  • Seek assistance from the school if your student is struggling.  Meet with your child’s teacher to share your concerns and seek suggestions.
  •  Always encourage your child to make the most of classroom instructional time.  Knox County School teachers are working hard to prepare our children for a successful testing experience.  With student focus and concentration, parent monitoring of student progress and regular communication between the parents and teachers, children will be as prepared as possible for this trepidatious time of year.  
Posted: October 28, 2013

Hassle Free Homework

Moms Everyday - Hassle Free Homwork 
School’s back and so is homework.  Most parents from time to time struggle with their children over homework.   Taking steps now, at the beginning of the school year, can set the stage for homework success the entire year.  The key is to be organized and plan ahead.  Tackling school, home and afterschool care programs if applicable is important in planning for homework success. 

  • Meet with your child’s teacher to discuss homework expectations.
  • Work out a system to have regular communication about homework assignments
                              Some examples are:
                                     Weekly or Friday folders
                                     Agenda books
                                     E-mail communication
                                     School Fusion Pages or other school web-based communication outlets
  • Check out and use the web-based links related to academic content.  Many of the textbooks used in school today are available online
  • Check in periodically to make sure things are going well
  • Request the teacher contact you if assignments are not being turned in
  • Make a plan for homework expectations at home
  • Create a quiet zone in the home to designate as the homework place
  • Have a scheduled homework time if possible
  • Encourage all household members to observe the expectations of the quiet zone during homework time
  • Review your child’s homework each day with your child
  • Work on your own home or office work during this time to help your child understand that homework is a part of life, but be available to help your child if needed.
  • Check homework upon completion
  •  Help children organize their work.
                            Ideas for organizing their work
                                    Label pocket dividers in a three ring notebook for each subject.  Use these to hold subject specific assignments
                                     Color code folders and notebooks by subject
                                     If necessary have a separate homework folder for homework that is ready to be turned in
Afterschool Care Programs 

Many working parents rely on afterschool programs to care for their children afterschool.  These programs may be able to offer some homework relief.
  • Ask the program if and when homework assistance is available
  • Find out if the homework area is quiet and appropriate for concentration
  • Find out if needed homework supplies are available
  • Request that your child go to the homework area if you would like for your child to complete homework while attending the afterschool program
  • Work out a system to have regular communication concerning your child’s homework habits and progress while in the program
  • Review and check your child’s work when you get home
  • Share feedback with the afterschool program about your experiences and satisfaction with the homework assistance program
Posted: August 19, 2013

Fall Registration

Fall Registration is here!
School is just around the corner.  Make sure you are ready by securing your families afterschool arrangements now.  Call your site location for more information or attend one of the scheduled orientation times below.  School starts on August 12th for 1st through 5th graders.  School starts full week on August 26th for Preschool and Kindergarteners.

August 5th - August 2, 2013
Fair Garden or Sam E. Hill Extended Preschool
  • Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Tuseday or Thursday from 8:00am - 10:00am
Powell Elementary
  • Tuesday 5:00pm to 6:00pm in the cafeteria
Posted: July 30, 2013

Extended Preschool

Extended Preschool at Fair Garden and Sam E. Hill
SHADES of Development is excited to announce the opening of two Extended Preschool programs.  Fair Garder and Sam E. Hill are both Knox County Title I Preschool programs serving 3-5 year olds from 7:45AM to 1:15PM Monday through Friday.  The SHADES Extended Preschool programs will provide additional on-site programming focusing on kindergarten readiness from 1:15PM to 5:00PM each day.  The Extended Preschool program is funded in part by a 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant.  Please call 865-938-9164 for additional information.
Posted: July 25, 2013

Welcome to Summer

Summer is up and going at SHADES with our Magic School Bus Science Fair Expedition!  This week we are learning all about grossology and microbes as we investigate the ideas in the Magic School Bus In a Pickle book.  The AMSE Outreach Program is presenting a grossology program this week that teaches kids about microscopes as they examine microscopic life in pond water and other living things.  The AMSE program is at Karns on Tuesday and Powell and Mount Olive on Wednesday.  Next week we will be learning all about friction during our Play Ball week.  Our first field trip is on Thursday, June 6th.  We will be attending the Smokies Baseball game.  Please check out our field trip calendar under the currinculum tab for field trip details.  Just click on the event for a full lineup of times, details and cost.  Thanks for choosing SHADES as your summer day camp!
Posted: May 30, 2013

Summer Registration

Summer Registration has begun.  Register on or before April 30th and SAVE!!!!

Join SHADES of Development for 10 weeks of a summer science adventure in our Magic School Bus Science Expedition Camp!  Children will learn about natural, earth and space science through exciting hand-on experiments, exploration, sports, crafts and field trips.  Weekly themes will be based on the Magic School Bus book series.  SHADES fun filled Adventure Learning approach will keep your child from sliding down that slippery summer learning loss slide.  Kids will show off what they have learned at the end of the summer in the SHADES Summer Science Fair!   Don’t miss the FUN!

Click on the enrollment tab to learn more about registering for the SHADES Summer Program.
Posted: April 07, 2013

Featured SHADES Staff Member

Sabrina Thompson
Site Director - Powell  

Sabrina Thompson has been a team member at SHADES of Development as the Powell Site Director since May of 2009.  Sabrina has a Bachelor's Degree in Child Development from the University of Tennessee.  Before settling into the SHADES family Sabrina worked at Central Baptist of Fountain City, Children's Center of Knoxville and Head Start.  This past summer Sabrina demonstrated her commitment and flexibility to SHADES by transferring to Brickey to direct the SHADES - Brickey summer program.  Sabrina is now back in place at Powell for the school year.  Sabrina's warm, caring and conscientious demeanor shines through in her relationships with children and families.   She attends to individual needs while maintaining a structured well-disciplined program.  We are proud to have Sabrina in the SHADES family!  
Posted: March 26, 2013

Spring Break

Just a quick reminder that SHADES of Development is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March 25-27, 2013, of Spring Break from 7:00am to 6:00pm at our Norwood, Powell, Brickey, Mount Olive and Karns locations.  SHADES will be closed on Thursday, Friday and Monday, March 28, 29 and April 1, 2013.  We will see you again on April 2, 2013.  Have a wonderful holiday break!
Posted: March 26, 2013

In-service Day - February 18, 2013

Just a quick reminder that February 18, 2013 is an inservice day for Knox County Schools.  SHADES will be open at most location from 7:00am to 6:00pm.  Please sign your child up to attend.  There is no additional cost for this day, but you must pick up your child at your regular pick up time.  Remember to pack a lunch, wear tennis shoes and arrive by 9:00am.  We look forward to a fun day together!
Posted: February 12, 2013

Early Dismissal KCS

Please remember that SHADES of Development closes when school closes for inclement weather.  Today, January 17, 2013 Knox County Schools will be dismissing at 1:30pm.  All SHADES children will need to be picked up in the carrider line at school at 1:30pm.  SHADES staff will not be at school to receive your child at 1:30pm.
Posted: January 17, 2013

Mid-Winter Holidays

The holidays are almost upon us.  Just a quick reminder that December 21st is the last day of school before Mid-Winter Break.  SHADES will be closed the week of December 24th-28th.  There is no charge for this week.  SHADES will reopen on January 2nd at most locations.  January 2nd - 7th are full days at SHADES.  We open at 7:00am and close at 6:00pm.  All participants are reposnsible for fees the week of January 2nd unless a vacation request form has been submitted and approved for the week.  Please see your Parent Handbook or your site director for details concerning the SHADES fee schedule and vacation policy.  You can also find the SHADES service calendar under the "Curriculum Tab" of this website.  Happy Holidays to you and you family.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you. 
Posted: November 27, 2012

Lights on Afterschool

On October 11th each of the SHADES locations will be celebrating Lights on Afterschool.  This is a national celebration that highlights the import role afterschool programs play in keeping kids safe, inspiring learning, and helping working parents.  Check out the celebration at your site location.
Join Norwood SHADES for refreshments while viewing child created art, a talent show, and a parent vs. kids dodgeball game.  Time: 4:30-6:00pm
SHADES Powell is exited to present the first SHADES Neon Bright Lights Night!  The night will feature neon colors that glow in black lights.  The night will include a black light dance, art show, flashlight tag, photo center and refreshments.  Time:  4:00-6:30pm
SHADES Brickey Lights on Afterschool event will feature an art gallery and child vs. parent gym games and refreshments.
Mount Olive
Mount Olive SHADES will be lighting up the night with an old fashoned pajama party campout.  Wear your warmest pajamas and join Mount Olive for smores, hotdogs, flashlight tag, cookie decorating, donut dangling eating contest and more.  Time:  4:30-6:30pm
Join SHADES Karns for  "SHADES of Life". During this night of family fun we encourage you to spend some time at SHADES interacting with the staff, your children and their friends. This is an opportunity for you to meet the people you hear about, to put a face to a name, and to see why your child enjoys attending SHADES. We will have popcorn and juice, pool and ping pong. Try your hand at Mancala and make a fall family book in Creative Play.  Time:  4:30-6:30pm
Adrian Burnett
There is a carnival in store for you and your children at SHADES - Adrian Burnett.  The carnival will include carnival games, cookie decorating, pumpkin decorating, Wheel of Fortune, feel boxes, an LIT operated jail and more.  Time:  4:30-6:30


Posted: October 09, 2012

Fall Registration

Back to school time is here! Have you registered for the SHADES Afterschool Program yet? Remember that paperwork and fees must be submitted to your site location at least two working days prior to your child's start date. Call your site location to schedule an orientation. 
Posted: August 17, 2012

Summer is Coming, Summer is Coming

Tree House Adventures
This summer SHADES of Development is excited about our summer theme, "Tree House Adventures"  inspired by the Magic Tree House book series.  During the summer children will travel along with Jack and Annie learning about a variety of people, places and things as they work to compete a special mission each week.  Children can attend all 10 weeks, or pick and choose the weeks that interest them most.

Did you know that kids are at risk of losing 2 to 2 1/2 months of grade level equivalency in math and reading if they are not engaged in educational activities over the summer months?  At SHADES we incorportate summer reading and math skill practice into an exciting hands-on curriculum that will have your kids asking for more!  Each week is filled with crafts, gym games, teambuilding, character education, field trips and storytelling. 

You can find summer registration information under the "Enrollment" tab.  You can find weekly themes and summer field trips under the" Curricum" tab on the calendar.  Click the calendar event for details.  We hope to see you this summer!
Posted: May 05, 2012

Featured Staff Member

Emily Fagans
Assistant Director - Powell

Emily Fagans has been a team member at SHADES of Development since 2007. Emily worked as a SAC Specialist while she was earning her degree in Elementary Education. In August of 2011, Emily joined the SHADES team at Powell as the Assistant Director. Part of her responsibility as an Assistant Director is to coordinate and implement the Leaders In Training (LIT) program. This program allows fifth through eighth graders to set goals, demonstrate leadership skills, plan and carry out service projects, as well as, demonstrate all around good character and citizenship. The LIT's at Powell are in the process of earning a special field trip for their service in the LIT program. They are also in the middle of creating a student council to help guide program decisions based on student input. Emily, your students seem excited and are demonstrating their responsibility through your leadership and direction. Way to go Miss Emily! 

Posted: April 24, 2012

Featured SHADES Staff Member

Betty Rose- Site Director Brickey-McCloud
Betty Rose has been with SHADES of Development for the past eight years. During that time Betty has shown unwaivering dedication and flexibility to the SHADES children and the SHADES program. Betty has served in the capacity of Preschool Director, Afterschool Director, and Summer Transportation Coordinator.

Most recently Betty has taken on the role of the SHADES Site Director at Brickey-McCloud Elementary School. The program currently serves 97 children. Betty has been working hard to provide quality programming and build relationships with the children and families at Brickey McCloud. I recently receive an e-mail from a Brickey-McCloud parent affirming the work Betty has been doing. The e-mail stated, "I want to thank you for the change in supervisor duties at Brickey. I think the world of Betty. She has the right personality to fit into that position. She is always so very friendly. I know that my son really likes her also. So I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with her."

Thank you Betty for your dedication to the children and families in the Brickey-McCloud Community!
Posted: March 01, 2012

Summer Is Coming, Summer Is Coming!

Tree House Adventures
This summer SHADES of Development is excited about our summer theme, "Tree House Adventures" inspired by the Magic Tree House book series.  During the summer children will travel along with Jack and Annie learning about a variety of people, places and things as they work to complete a special mission each week.   Children can attend all 10 weeks or pick and choose which weeks interest them the most.  Each week will truly be an adventure. 

Did you know that kids are at risk of losing 2 to 2 ½ months of grade level equivalency in reading and math if they are not engaged in educational activities over the summer? 
At SHADES we incorporate summer reading and math skill practice into an exciting hands-on curriculum that will have your kids asking for more!  Each week is filled with crafts, gym games, teambuilding, character education, field trips and storytelling.   

Summer registration information will be available soon under the "Enrollment " tab.
Posted: February 01, 2012

Our Holiday Schedule

SHADES of Development will be open through Thursday, December 22nd.  SHADES will then be closed December 23rd through January 2nd.  SHADES will reopen for full-day care on January 3rd.  School resumes on January 9th.  SHADES Staff wish you and your family a blessed holiday season!  See you in the new year!
Posted: December 18, 2011

Tutoring at Adrain Burnett

Lottery for Eaducation: Afterschool ProgramsSHADES of Development is excited to announce that After-school Tutoring is now being offered at Adrain Burnett.  SHADES of Development in collabotation with Adrain Burnett Elementary school is now offereing an After-school Tutoring Program made possible by The Lottery for Education:  Afterschool Programs (LEAPS).  This project is funded under an agreement with the STATE of Tennessee.  To learn more about how your child can participate, call 865-938-9164 or inquire at Adrian Burnett Elementary School. 
Posted: September 16, 2011

Welcome to the2011-2012 school year!

School and SHADES is back full force for the 2011-2012 school year.  We are so glad to see everyone!  We are also looking forward to our new class of kindergarteners that will be starting on August 29th.  Be sure to look at our "SHADES Events Calendar" under the "curriculum tab" to view our weekly themes and upcoming events.  As your children settle into the new school year, please let us know if there is anything we can do to better meet your family's school/afterschool needs. 

Remember that SHADES offers the choice of homework time each day.   Let us know if you need us to work specificallywith your child to meet homework needs.   

Posted: August 17, 2011

It's Time to Register for Fall

Whether you were with us this summer, last fall or you are new to SHADES, it is time to register for the 2011-2012 school year.  To register simply call your site location to schedule an orientation.  Remember that you must turn in all paperwork and fees at least two working days prior to your child's start date. 

Brickey will be holding orientation on:

  • Thursday, August 11 from 12:00 - 2:00 PM 
  • Thursday, August 11 from 5:00 - 7:00 PM
  • Friday, August 12 during Meet the Teacher
Posted: August 10, 2011

Karaoke Cafe

On Tuesday, August 9th, SHADES kids will celebrate the end of a "Totally Awesome Summer" at the Karaoke Cafe.  The kids will have a chance to sing, dance and share a meal together.  Please have you chlld to SHADES by 9:00 AM.  Your child should wear a field trip T-shirt and tennis shoes.  Lunch will be provided.  The menu is a hamburger, fries and a drink.  Please feel free to pack a lunch for your child if he/she does not eat hamburgers.  Please remember to sign your child up by Monday, August 8th by 6:00 PM if your child plans to attend.  Also remember to let us know by 6:00 PM on Monday if you have previously signed your child up to attend, but your plans have changed and he/she will not be attending after all.  In order to be appropriately staffed for the field trip and the stayback group final decisions must be made in advance.  Thanks for your help in keeping our centers running smoothly.  Cost:  $13.00 per child.  No additional spending money needed.

Thanks to all of you, we truely have had a Totally Awsome Summer.  For those of you that will not be with us this fall, we wish you a Totally Awsome School Year!!!!
Posted: August 08, 2011

Roller Skating

SHADES Brickey and SHADES Karns will be going roller skating at Skate Town 2 on Tuesday August 2, 2011.  Your child needs to arrive to SHADES by 9:00 AM.  Remember to wear a SHADES field trip t-shirt, socks and tennis shoes.  Skate rental, popcorn and sprite are included in the cost of the field trip.  Children may bring up to $5.00 in spending money at your discretion.  Field trip cost is $8.00 per child.  Child must be signed up to attend the field trip by 6:00 PM August 1, 2011. 
Posted: August 01, 2011

LIT Field Trip - Laser Quest

On Thursday, July 8th the LIT's participated in their second field trip of the summer.  Seven LIT's earned the priviledge to participate in the Quest for Knowledge program at Laser Quest.  The kids spent time learning about laser technology and then put that knowledge into action during a game of laser tag.  They learned a lot and boy  did they have fun!!!  We are so proud of the sevice-minded actions displayed by the LIT's who worked hard to complete the serve hours necessary for this field trip. 

Posted: July 08, 2011

National Cowboy Association Field Trip

SHADES is excited to collaborate with the National Cowboy Association to offer SHADES kids the opportunity to see a real live Showdeo.  A Showdeo is a demonstation of rodeo qualifying events.  The Showdeo will be at Red Gate Farm in Maynardville, TN.  Please note that this field trip is on Wednedsay, July 13th for all sitesChildren at Powell and Mount Olive need to arrive to SHADES by 7:30 AM.  All other sites need children to arrive at SHADES by 7:45 AM.  Children need to wear a field trip T-shirt and tennis shoes.  Cowboy hats and bandanas are optional.  Children may bring up to $5.00 in spending money at your discretion.  Ice cream will be available for purchase.  Please pack a totally disposable lunch.  Food program schools will have luch provided as usual.  The cost of the field trip is $15.00.  We can't wait to see you at the Showdeo!!!
Posted: July 08, 2011

SHADES and the Knox County Library Reading Program

SHADES sites are proud to be participants of the Knox County Reading Program.  Keeping kids engaged with literature during the summer helps children maintain reading skills and promote reading practice.  SHADES has been tracking read-a-loud and self-reading time to submit to the library this summer.  Some of the chapter books being read at SHADES this week include:

Mount Olive
Dairy of a Wimpy Kid:  Dog Days by Jeff Kinny
Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume
When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead
Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater
Adrian Burnett
The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau
Junie B. Jones is a Party Animal by Barbara Park
Diary of the Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinny
The Quicksand Question - A-Z Mystery Series by Ron Roy

Posted: July 07, 2011

Knoxville Zoo

What a great time we had at the Aquarium of the Smokies!  We managed to stay on schedule while we learned tons about the extraordinary underwater life we saw.  Thanks to all of you parents for getting your children to SHADES prepared for the day!

Our next theme field trip is to the Knoxville Zoo.  Please arrive at SHADES by 8:30 AM (Brickey kids need to arrive by 8:15 AM.)  Please wear a SHADES field trip T-shirt and tennis shoes.  Apply plenty of sunscreen and pack a totally disposable lunch.  Food program schools will have lunch provided as usual.  Children may bring up to $5.00 in spending money if you choose to let them.  If you have more than one child, we appreciate you splitting spending money and lunches since sibilings are typically not in the same group.  The cost for the field trip is $11.50 per child.

Please remember to sign the field trip permission form no later than 6:00 PM the night before the field trip.  We also need to know by 6:00 PM the night prior to the field trip if your child previously signed up, but has decided not to attend.  We appreciate your help in allowing us to report accurate numbers for transportation and admission.
Posted: June 24, 2011

Aquarium Field Trip

Next week we will be having Oceans of Fun as we visit the Aquarium of the Smokies.  Please remember to check the calendar of events under the curriculum tab for field trip details.  Most importanly remember to have your child at SHADES by 7:30 AM (7:15 at Brickey), so your child doesn't miss out.  Brickey and Karns sites also need a completely disposable lunch.  All sites need a SHADES field trip t-shirt and tennis shoes. 
Posted: June 15, 2011

Game Show Mania Week Updates

Wow!  What a great week so far.  We have finished our trips to the World's Fair Park.  Not only did the kids have a blast on the splash pad, but they also had an awsome time racing the clock in the exciting "Minute to Win It"  challenges.  Ask your kids about the challenges they conquered. 

Remember that next week is the Amazing Race week.  If your child wants to ride his/her bike at Tyson Park, please bring it in the day before your site's field trip.  Please make sure you bring a helmet and have fully inflated bike tires. 

Summer Reading  - SHADES wants to make sure our kids read, read, read this summer.  Research shows that children can loss up to one grade level of skill development during the summer without regular skill practice.  We at SHADES read to your child everyday, but we also encourage you to talk with your child about books he/she is reading during independent reading time at SHADES.  Feel free to have your child bring a developmentally appropriate book to read during story time.
Posted: June 09, 2011

Summer Registration

There is still time to register for the SHADES "Totally Awesome Summer" program.  Hours are form 7:00 am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday.  See our enrollment section for more information.
Posted: May 03, 2011

Gold Sneaker Initiative

Several SHADES Staff just went to a great training to learn more about the Gold Sneaker initiative. Check out the link to learn more about helping children develop healthy habits. http://health.state.tn.us/goldsneaker.htm.
Posted: February 08, 2011