SHADES Philosophy

Our Mission:

Empowering happy kids with skills for life.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide Safe, Healthy, Adventures that Develop Essential Skills for lifelong learning and success for all school-age children in need of out-of-school time services

Our Beliefs:

SHADES of Development believes that children learn and grow with every interaction they encounter during their waking hours of the day.  Afterschool time is a time to enhance learning, promote relationship building, and exercise conflict resolution techniques in a relaxed, nurturing and fun environment.  The SHADES Afterschool program bridges the school day and home life.  SHADES further believes that it is essential to create an environment of mutual respect where adults and children can share, laugh, and learn together by setting goals, communicating, developing trust and holding ourselves and each other accountable.  

Our Constitution:

I refuse to be less!