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Math Magic - Check out these fun, easy to make math games.  Playing a math game 15 minutes a day with your child can have a huge impact on your child's number sense and math success.
These math games were found on various websites through Pinterest.  You may also visit our Pinterest link for more math game ideas.  SHADES Math Pinterest Link

Math Dice Games
Math Card Games
Math Yahtzee
Math Tug-o-war
Trading Up Money Game

SHADES of Development is a choice based program that offers a mix of teacher directed and self directed activities. Each SHADES of Development program offers the following program content.


Learning Center - this is the area of the program where children have the opportunity to participate in self-directed activities. Children explore centers that include engineering, dramatic play, writing, drawing and sculpture, science, math, reading, language, problem-solving and strategy board games. Although this area is self selected and self-directed, the activities offered in each of the centers is selected with particular skill and competency development in mind. Staff members also engage in the children's activities to scaffold children's learning and to expand children's knowledge. Activities in this area help develop creativity, problem solving, cooperation, socialization, and academic competency.


Homework - SHADES of Development staff members are readily available to help children with homework. the academic success of each child in the program is important to SHADES of Development; therefore, SHADES coordinates with classroom teachers and parents to develop individualized homework plans in order to assist children in the most appropriate ways possible.


Club Activities - SHADES of Development offers Club Activities that allow children to explore their unique interests in art, music, science drama, literature, dance and sports. Club Activities are structures to provide more individualized instruction. Club Activities are based on the children's interests and the talents of the staff. Check out current events to see what is currently being offered at our centers.


Physical Fitness - SHADES of Development offers the children a mix of adult-directed and child-directed opportunities for physical exercise through play in the gym and on the playground. The activities challenge children's physical limits and agility, while encouraging cooperation, teamwork and rule play.

SHADES Time - SHADES Time is the time during the week that children participate in activities and discussions related to the SHADES program bi-weekly learning objectives. When your child is enrolled in the SHADES program, he/she is assigned to a specific group based on your child's grade level and/or developmental level. SHADES Time activities occur in that group setting. Besides exploring bi-weekly themes, SHADES Time allows children to learn and practice positive character traits such as respect, trustworthiness, honesty, fairness, friendship, community, good decision-making, positive communication, active listening, and conflict resolution. Each group usually meets once per week at a designated time. SHADES Time group meetings are not optional. Children must go to SHADES Time on their assigned day.

Leaders In Training (LIT) Program - SHADES of Development offers an LIT program for children in the fifth grade. The program allows older children to explore and exercise leadership skills through hands-on activities and mentoring experiences. Children will learn how to plan and lead activities with younger children. Children that serve as positive role models and responsible leaders will earn special privileges, such as special activities and snacks, use of LIT specific supplies, and walking field trips.